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Change language
Shared.Locale = {
    NotAllowed = "You are not authorized to use society management",
    CantPay = "You don't have enough money to pay this bill",
    SucessPaid = function(Id, Amount) return "You have just paid invoice number "..Id.." of "..Amount.."$" end,
    SucessPaidSender = function(Name, Amount) return Name.." just paid the bill for "..Amount.."$" end,
    InvoiceReceive = function(Amount) return "You received an invoice for "..Amount.."$" end,
    RevokeBillTarget = function(Id, Value, LastName) return "Invoice No."..Id.." of "..Value.."$ was deleted by agent "..LastName end,
    RevokeBillSource = function(Id, Value, OwnerName, SenderName) return "You have deleted invoice No."..Id.." from "..Value.."$ issued to "..OwnerName.." by "..SenderName end

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