Shared.Locale = {
    Active = "Press ~INPUT_PICKUP~ to ~g~activated your gardener~s~ service",
    Desactive = "Press ~INPUT_PICKUP~ to ~r~desactivated your gardener~s~ service",
    AlreadyVeh = "A vehicle is already parked on site",
    Activated = "You have ~g~activated~s~ your gardener ~g~service~s~",
    Desactivated = "You have ~r~desactivated~s~ your gardener ~r~service~s~",
    ModelNotCorespond = "This ~r~vehicle model does not correspond~s~ to the requested vehicle",
    StartingPoint = "Go to the ~b~starting points~s~ noted on the map.",
    Pickup = "Press ~INPUT_PICKUP~ to ~g~pick up the sheets~s~",
    Approach = "Approach the vehicle to throw the bag in the trunk",
    Throw = "Press ~INPUT_PICKUP~ to ~g~throw away your bag~s~",
    Sellbag = "Press ~INPUT_PICKUP~ to ~g~sell~s~ your ~g~bag of leaves~s~",
    StopSelling = "Press ~INPUT_PICKUP~ to ~r~stop the selling~s~",
    VehNotInZone = "The ~r~harvesting vehicle~s~ must be in the ~r~harvesting zone~s~",
    NoMoreBag = "You don't have a ~r~bag of leaves~s~ to sell",
    InvFull = "You ~r~cannot carry more item~s~, your inventory is ~r~full~s~"

function SellSucess(Payout)
    return "You ~g~sell~s~ a bag of leaves for ~g~<C>"..Payout.."$~s~</C>"

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