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function BillInfo(BILL)
    return "Reason : ~b~"..BILL.TITLE.."~s~.\nType : ~g~"..BILL.TYPE.."~s~\nAmount : ~g~"..BILL.PRICE.."$~s~."

    CURRENCY = "$~s~.",
    SEND = "You have successfully sent the request.",
    RECEIVER_PAY_SUCCESS = "You have paid the bill for : ~b~",
    SENDER_PAY_SUCCESS = "The person has paid the bill for : ~b~",
    UNEMPLOYED_ACCESS = "Your job does not accept bills.",
    RECEIVER_PAY_FAILED = "~r~You don't have enough money to pay.",
    NO_PLAYER_CLOSEST = "~b~Nobody around\n~w~Get closer.",
    REFUSE_ACTION = "You have ~r~canceled~s~ this ~r~action~s~",
    ACTION_CLOSEST = "Press ~g~E~s~ to confirm~n~Press ~b~A~s~ to change the target~n~Press ~r~X~s~ to cancel",
    REFUSE_RECEIVER = "You have ~r~refused~s~ to pay ~r~the bill.~s~",
    REFUSE_SENDER = "The ~r~person~s~ has ~r~refused to pay~s~ the bill",
    NEEDED_ACTION = "~r~You must accept or refuse.",
    ACCEPT_OR_REFUSE = "Accept: ~g~Y ~s~or Refuse: ~r~X~s~.",
    SENDER_PAY_FAILED = "~r~The person does not have enough money to pay the bill."

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