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Locale = {
    Creator = {
        NoEntry = "You have not defined a property entry",
        NoSolutionGarage = "You have not ~r~defined~s~ a ~r~solution~s~ for the ~r~garage",
        Success = function(Name, Price) return "You have created property ~b~"..Name.."~s~\nRent: ~b~"..Price .."$" end,
    CheckAround = {
        NoPlayerClosest = "~b~Nobody around\n~w~Get closer",
        ActionClosest = "Press ~g~E~s~ to confirm~n~Press ~b~A~s~ to change the target~n~Press ~r~X~s~ to cancel",
        RefuseAction = "You have ~r~canceled~s~ this ~r~action~s~"
    HelpNotification = {
        GoOut = "Press ~INPUT_CONTEXT~ to ~r~exit",
        PropsInteract = "Press ~INPUT_CONTEXT~",
        OpenSafe = "Press ~INPUT_CONTEXT~ to open the ~b~safe",
        OpenGarageMenu = "Press ~INPUT_CONTEXT~ to ~b~open~s~ the ~b~management menu~s~",
        OpenWardrobe = "Press ~INPUT_CONTEXT~ to open the ~b~wardrobe",
        EnterGarage = "Press ~INPUT_CONTEXT~ to ~b~enter~s~ the ~b~garage~s~",
        EnterProperty = "Press ~INPUT_CONTEXT~ to ~b~access~s~ the ~b~property~s~"
    Garage = {
        VehicleCondition = "Vehicle condition : ",
        MaxSpeed = "Max speed",
        Acceleration = "Acceleration",
        Brake = "Brake",
        Suspension = "Suspension",
        ParkCar = "You parked the car : ~b~",
        VehicleNear = "A ~r~vehicle~s~ is blocking the ~r~exit~s~",
        ModelInvalid = function(model, modelName) return "This vehicle model does not exist ("..model.." / "..modelName..")" end,
    Blips = {
        Property = "Propery",
        Interior = "Interior : ",
        GarageSpace = "Garage Space : ",
        NoGarage = "No garage",
        Garage = "Garage",
        Rent = "Rent : "
    NoPerm = {
        SeeChest = "You do ~r~not have~s~ permissions to open ~r~the safe~s~",
        TakeCar = "You do ~r~not have~s~ permission to take a ~r~vehicle from the garage~s~",
        AccessProperty = "You ~r~do not have~s~ permissions to ~r~enter the property~s~",
        AccessGarage = "You ~r~do not have~s~ permission to ~r~enter the garage~s~",
        ParkCar = "You ~r~do not have~s~ permission to ~r~park a car~s~",
        AttributeProperty = "You ~r~do not have~s~ permission to ~r~attribute property~s~ to the crew"
    Pay = {
        EnoughMoney = "You don't have ~r~enough money~s~"
    Ring = {
        SomeoneRinging = "Someone wants to access to your property\n~b~",
        AcceptOrRefuse = "~g~Y ~s~to accept\n~r~X ~s~to refuse",
        Timer = "You ~r~refused~s~ access",
        Accepted = "You have ~g~authorized~s~",
        Refused = "You ~r~refused~s~ access",
    Server = {
        HaveProperty = function(Name) return "You now own the property \n~b~"..Name end,
        NameAlreadyExist = "A property with this name already exists",
        RenameSuccess = function(newName) return "You have renamed your property:\n~b~"..newName end,
        DeletePropery = function (Name) return "You deleted the property\n"..Name end,
        AddAccessPlayer = function(PlayerName, pName) return "You added ~b~"..PlayerName.."~s~ to the property\n~b~"..pName end,
        AddAccessTarget = function(pName) return "You are now the tenant of the property\n~b~".. pName end,
        GarageIsFull = "The garage is full",
        RingRefused = function(pName) return "You have been ~r~denied access to the property~s~\n~b~"..pName end,
        RingAccepted = function(pName) return "You have been ~g~granted access to the property~s~\n~b~".. pName end,
        UpdateProperty = function(pName, Price) return "The price of property \n~b~"..pName.."\n~s~ is now ~b~"..Price.. "$"end,
        AccessToJob = "You have assigned ownership to your job",
        AccessToCrew = "You have assigned ownership to your crew"
    PlayerListNil = "The ~b~property list~s~ has not ~b~loaded yet~s~. Please try again.",
    DeleteTenant = function(PlyName) return "You have deleted "..PlyName.." from your property" end,
    JobCantAttribute = "You ~r~cannot assign~s~ this property to ~r~your job~s~",
    CountInvalid = "Please enter a valid quantity"

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