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Shared.Locale = {
    EnterCasino = "Press ~INPUT_CONTEXT~ to enter the casino",
    ExitCasino = "Press ~INPUT_CONTEXT~ to exit the casino",
    Exchange = "Press ~INPUT_CONTEXT~ to open exchange menu",
    --- Inside Track
    StartRace = "Press ~INPUT_ENTER~ to start the race",
    EnoughMoney = "You don't have enough chips to play",
    StartRaceNotif = "The race will start in a few moments",
    Rider = "Rider ",
    --- Slot
    SlotInfo = "Press ~INPUT_CONTEXT~ to bet\nPress ~INPUT_RELOAD~ to bet the max\nPress ~INPUT_FRONTEND_ACCEPT~ to roll\nPress ~INPUT_ENTER~ to stand up",
    SlotPlay = "Press ~INPUT_CONTEXT~ to play ~p~",
    NotEnoughChipsSlot = "You don't have enough chips to play",
    --- BlackJack
    PlayBlackJack = "Press ~INPUT_PICKUP~ to play BlackJack",
    SeatTaken = "This seat is taken",
    WaitingNextGame = "Waiting for the next game to start...",
    TooLong = "Waiting times too long",
    NoBet = "No bet placed, turn skipped",
    CanPlay = "Place your chip",
    MaxBet = "The max bet is "..Shared.BlackJack.MaxBet.." chips",
    Win = "WIN",
    TopTextWin = "Gain",
    Loose = "LOOSE",
    TopTextLoose = "Loss",
    Push = "EQUALITY",
    TopTextPush = "No gain",
    -- Bet
    QuitTable = "Quit Table",
    Bet = "Bet",
    ReduceBet = "Reduce Bet",
    IncreaseBet = "Increase Bet",
    CustomBet = "Custom Bet",
    Keep = "Keep",
    Increase = "Increase",
    BetPlus = "Place a Pair Plus bet",
    CustomInput = "How many chips you would like to bet ?",
    -- Timer Bar
    Timer = "Timer :",
    NewGame = "New game :",
    StartingBet = "Bet :",
    Hand = "Your hand :",
    DealerHand = "Dealer hand :",
    --- Poker 
    PokerSit = "Press ~INPUT_TALK~ to play Poker",
    SeatOccupied = "This seat is occupied",
    DealToPlayer = "Distribution of cards to players..\n",
    RevealPlayerCard = "Reveal players hands...\n",
    RevealDealerCard = "The ~r~Dealer~w~ shows his hand.\n",
    ClearTable = "Clear the table..\n~b~The next game starts soon.\n",
    WaitingPlayer = "Waiting for ~b~players~w~...\n",
    NoBetPoker = "You have not set a bet value",
    TimerDealer = "You did not respond to the dealer's request in time, you folded your hand",
    NotEnoughChipsPoker = "You don't have enough chips to play",
    NotEnoughChipsForPairPlus = "You don't have enough chips to bet on Pair Plus, because you wouldn't have enough chips to play",
    NotEnoughChipsForHand = "You can't put in that many chips because you wouldn't have enough to play your hand",
    LostPoker = function(handValue) return "You lost with a hand of ["..HandValue.."]" end,
    WonAntePoker = function(PlusChips, Multiplier) return "Your hand has won\nYou have x"..PlusChips.." chips (x"..Multiplier..")" end,
    WonPoker = function(PlusChips) return "Your hand wins !\nYou have x"..PlusChips.." chips" end,
    WonPairPlusPoker = function(PlusChips, Multiplier) return "You have won x"..PlusChips.." chips with your Pair Plus bet (x"..Multiplier..")" end,
    DrawAntePoker = function(PlusChips, AnteMultiplier) return "Draw\nYou collect x"..PlusChips.." chips (x"..Multiplier..")" end,
    DrawPoker = function(PlusChips) return "Draw\nYou collect x"..PlusChips.." chips" end,
    AlreadyBet = "You already bet",
    --- Roulette 
    RouletteSit = "Press ~INPUT_TALK~ to play Roulette",
    InvalidBet = "Invalid bet amount",
    LimitBet = "Your bet it too low or too high for this table",
    WinChip = function(Amount, Multiplier) return "You have won "..Amount.." chips. Multiplier : x"..Multiplier end,
    ChairUsed = "This chair is occupied",
    CannotBet = "The game started, you can not bet at the moment",
    BetPlaced = function(Amount) return "Placed bet with "..Amount.." chips" end,
    NotEnoughChipsRoulette = "You do not have enough chips to place bet",
    --- Wheel
    SpinWheel = "Press ~INPUT_CONTEXT~ to turn ~y~the wheel",
    AlreadySpin = "Impossible, you have already turned the wheel of luck today",
    WinCar = "Congratulations ! You've just hit the jackpot and won the grand prize - the casino's luxurious car !",
    WinChips = function(Chips) return "Congratulations ! Lady Luck smiles upon you as you've won a hefty sum of x"..Chips.." chips !" end,
    WinMoney = function(Money) return "Congratulations ! Your fortune has been made with a grand win of "..Money.."$!" end,
    WinDrink = function(Drink, Count) return "Cheers to your success ! You've been rewarded with "..Count.." servings of refreshing "..Drink.." !" end,
    WinMystery = function(Mystery, Count) return "Incredible ! You've stumbled upon a mystery and received "..Count.." of "..Mystery.." !" end,

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